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by admin on August 10, 2010

Plano Texas Electricity Companies and Providers Plano Texas Electricity Companies and Providers

When in search of an electric provider in Plano Texas it simply comes down to price, customer service, and if that price is what it seems to be. Many electric providers will hide fees and charges from their advertised rate.


If you call them on their sneaky behavior they will explain it very convincingly that the charges left off of the rate are TDSP charges. This is actually true but man electric companies in Plano bundle in the TDSP charges as a part of their advertised rate.

So why do some electricity providers bundle in all fees and charges and other providers in Plano do not? Well think about this for a minute. If you see a rate for 6 cents per kWh and another for 9 cents per kWh who are you more likely to call?

Of course I would call the cheaper electric company. Now once they have you on the phone their sales pitch goes something like this. Thank you for signing up with “Sneaky Brand Energy” your rate will be 6 cents per kWh as well as any TDSP charges line losses and non-reoccurring ancillary charges. You will continue to pay 6 cents per kWh until your fixed rate agreement with us expires.

Once your fixed rate agreement expires you will be put on a variable month to month contract and must cancel this agreement with a 30 days notice or be subject to an early termination penalty.

So this is basically a sales pitch you might here. If you didn’t ask your Plano electric company sales person to, “Stop right there!” after the additional TDSP charges message you might not understand that about 3 – 4 cents per kWh will be added to their advertised electric rate.

Now all of a sudden their cheap electricity rate is not cheap any more and is in fact higher than most of the ethically run electricity providers in Plano that bundle in all fees in their ads.

This situation is why we recommend using our Plano Texas electricity comparison chart. We show you all fees and charges bundled into the rate so you can compare providers and make an informed decision. The only thing not bundled into the rate are taxes because of differences depending on in the city or outside the city taxes.

If you have questions about the Plano TX electricity rates in the chart please call us at 1-800-971-4020

To get started begin by entering in your zip code in the chart at the top right and click on “Compare”

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