Save 30% or More on Your Texas Electric Bill with Spray Foam Insulation

by admin on May 26, 2010

One of the things any energy expert will tell you to do if you want to save on your Texas electric provider bill is to have your home properly insulated. Here, we look at the benefits of spray foam insulation.

U.S. Department of Energy studies have shown that approximately 40 percent of a home’s energy is lost because of air infiltration. This infiltration occurs in a number of ways, eg, drafts from doors, windows, wall sockets, chimneys, air ducts, etc. Don’t let all of that good cold Texas air conditioning go out cracks in the attic. Spray foam can solve your lack of home energy efficiency cheaply and effectively.


How Spray Foam Works

Spray foam seals these tightly. How? Conventional insulation like fiberglass is simply placed strategically to cover places where air might filter in. While it does help to stop some air flow, it doesn’t penetrate and “seal” studs and wall cavities. This means that air can still seep through.

Spray foam, on the other hand, not only adheres to surfaces, it creates a tight seal wherever it’s placed, making it impossible for air to get through.

Energy experts estimate that you can save as much as 30% on your energy electric provider bills by using spray foam compared to other types of insulation.

Seal in Your Energy Savings

Another way to make sure your energy savings don’t float into thin air is to choose the right electric service plan. For example, did you know that prepaid electric service plans can cost you 15 to 40% or more than a conventional electric plan?

The reason is, anyone can qualify for this type of plan, eg, those with bad credit, low incomes, etc. Hence, you’re charged a premium.

Even if you have to save up to pay a deposit in order to get a conventional Texas electric plan, you will immediately start seeing the savings because you’ll be paying less each month. So call your Texas electric company and ask what you need to do to qualify for this type of plan.

With no deposit and low-deposit electric service plans available, you’ll be well on your way to saving on your monthly energy bill.


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