Texas Electric: Light Your Way to Energy Savings

by admin on May 19, 2010

Use the following lighting tips to save on your Texas electric bill.

Use dimmers: As dimmers give you control over how much lighting you’re using at a given time, they’re an inexpensive way to save on your electric bill. FYI, dimmers can be used with all kinds of lighting, eg, low-voltage lighting, incandescent lights, fluorescent bulbs, etc.

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Make Use of Task Lighting: Instead of turning on an overhead light which floods the whole room, use task lighting; it gives you light right where you need it. For example, if you read in bed, use a bedside lamp instead of the overhead light in the room.

Use Energy Star Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) Lighting: Did you know that replacing just four incandescent light bulbs with CFLs will put an additional $35 per year in your pocket? CFLs are extremely energy efficient. Not only do they last 10 times longer than incandescent lights, they use two-thirds less energy – yes, 66% less!

Do You See the Light When It Comes to Selecting Your Electricity Plan?

With Texas’ deregulated electricity market, consumers have the right to choose their energy supplier. Many companies offer various types of plans – which can be confusing.

For example, in the past, if you had bad credit, about the only options available were to pay a huge deposit (which could run into the high hundreds of dollars) and/or pay the high monthly cost of being on a prepaid electric service plan.

Now, there are so many more options for credit-strapped and or cash-strapped (ie, low income) individuals. One popular option is the LITE-UP Texas Program. A no-deposit electric service plan, it gives qualified consumers a discount on their electric bill five months out of the year.

Call your Texas electricity company representative and ask about low-deposit and no-deposit electric service plans like this you may qualify for.

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