An Easy, Environmentally Safe Way to Save on Your Texas Electric Bill All Year Long

by admin on May 19, 2010

When most of us think about staying cool in the summer or warm in the winter, we think about our air conditioners and/or our thermostat-controlled heating system. In short, we rely on appliances.

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But, have you ever really given thought to how our ancestors stayed cool in the summer and warm in the winter? They didn’t have AC or thermostat-controlled heat. They used nature. And with being kind to the environment a top priority for many these days, it may be time for a lot of us to reconsider how we stay comfortable, while still doing our part to contribute to the earth’s health.

One of the easiest ways to be comfortable all year long is to plant trees around our homes. Why/how?

They can provide cooling shade in the summer. They also block a lot of the heat from the sun, which means you can turn the AC up, or off altogether, depending on where you live.

In the wintertime, as most trees shed their leaves, they allow the warmth of the sun to get through so you use your heating system more economically.

Tree Planting Tip: Plant trees that lose their leaves in the fall on the south side of your home. This way, in the wintertime you benefit from the warmth of the sun and in the summertime and you get the cooling shade the trees provide.

Saving on your Texas electric bill while being kinder to the environment is not hard. Simple actions like planting a few trees make all the difference.

Another Way to Save Year-Round on Your Texas Electric Bill

Selecting the right service plan is critical. Many Texas energy suppliers make it easy by offering low-cost alternatives to prepaid electric service plans.

There are quite a few no-deposit and low-deposit electric service plans, eg, the Texas LITE-UP Program, that offer seamless savings. For example, this program gives customers discounts on their electric bills from May through September – five of the highest-use energy months of the year.

Never heard of this program? Call your Texas electricity company and ask about this option, as well as other low-cost plans you may qualify for.

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